You can customize any way you’d like but it’s nice to have something to start with. Allow 1 per adult Sirloin – Sirloin tapers from a large to small cut. When filling out the cutting instruction, you will be asked to agree and adhere to these terms and conditions prior to submitting your cutting instructions. A family farm serving Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Taylor, Manor, Elgin and surrounding areas. Beef Cutting Instructions Ben 2018-11-02T18:58:20-07:00 ABOUT US. [� �筩iG�f��`0�����dC.�;�5èmSk��]��:�cT���7W��%���^3D��n�D�O��f�㺚�B�� ^�-� �%�eĀ�&�gQ�� Z�X���^Y-�0��sO�8�e�rǥ��ӑ.���ɣ�*�͊ԗ]Ȣ t�&��^�p!#�4��خ��6k~@��!d��h��`���� �\ɄO����,�p���509�rD�2!��w���9��\���`��c����!So��_���l��J��v��U�`e�#k�^ʨ�,�$AG�$�����keVCzT��UC:7�5Y�[/��DS"��R�����Z. Beef Cuts: loins, shanks, briskets and chuck - if all the different cuts confuse you when deciding what to cook, this guide will help.. Eye of round, bottom round roast, top round roast, top sirloin roast, and bone-in rib roast are all common. If you’re not familiar with the beef processing/packaging options, use this as a starting point. Seven steaks – to ground beef, Soup Bones (meaty, 1 to 2 lb package) – 6 pkgs max per half, 12 per whole calf, Stew Meat (1 lb package) – 6 pkgs max per half, 12 per whole calf Cutting Instructions Options For Your Quality Beef Order. Each cut gives different cuts of meats and several tastes. Street Address. Beef Cutting Instructions Pork Cutting Instructions Blessing Falls Farm recommended whole/half calf cut sheet: Here’s a printer friendly pdf version: Beef_Cut_Sheet.pdf. 3 pounds each) In the world, there are about 100 different kinds of primal cuts. These ribs are only available if your beef … Box 245 Edgewood, IA 52042 Phone: (563) 928-6814 Email Edgewood Locker ones: Marrow—Yes/No Knuckle — Yes/No Liver: Yes/No Many options are outlined here, please ask if a favorite selection is not listed. Rump roast- 1 package Producer Information. Beef Cutting Instructions Name: _____ Phone: _____ t: s. s (x) g ? x��[I�,��ϯ��+�Z`h�m���A�&�`l�t��wnU�eEDf�(�*��#2"zxU���|N_��h�Ux��ӟ~w���~0��ỗ��/{�Ӧ���x��IM���?�A�W� �7ԯ3��28�WW�*Zo۠�ʉ��20ΰez+�vx�e0��A�^�2߶A�̯zLo0h ��VG��`|�A��Ʒ2h ��A=G�[ Bz�W^. %PDF-1.4 Note: The above will be included with your ground beef unless chosen as cuts. Sirloin Steak  (1 per pkg) State. Forequarter Cuts: Beef Rib. CUSTOM CUT SHEET FOR WHOLE & HALF BEEF ORDERS To facilitate your cutting process at the processing plant and to assist you in obtaining the cuts you want, please complete these cutting instructions and return them to Smith Family Farm, 2416 Lime Kiln Rd, New Haven, VT 05472. Customer Information. Chuck roast- 6-8 packages. beef cutting instructions Click here for the Beef Cutting Sheet Download Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. The “eye of the round” roast is a lean, flavorful cut that is often kept as a whole roast. Ground eef: 1# packages. Roast beef doesn't refer to just one cut of beef. n- ~,"͗U�ݖe��K��ϧMh�/�z0ܸ��?�~��%�����o�:��}�b�s�b��j|�z��@z�/s|��|���kX����8@���qVz�×w�I֪!�K/ �R�_��W*-��bݖ*#�n��������Kj�xF�H�l\y/�����jH�n���=�JM��:��������E���]*:��e�݁j ��n)����y^N�|�� There are lots of reasons, but one of them is because grocery stores and butchers can cut beef in a variety of ways and name it … 609 W. Union St P.O. 1. Allow 1 per adult Rib – Approximately 14 steaks per 1/2 beef. Cutting Instructions The forms listed on this page are used to provide our butchers and packers instructions about how our meat should be cut. Whichever cut you choose, quality counts. Beef Cutting Instructions. Download the cutting instructions below, fill it out, and bring it into the Butcher Shop to place your order. Over the 30+ years we have provided quality butchering beef services to our community, one thing is clear … the variety and options of available beef cuts can be overwhelming. All cutting instructions are required on the day of slaughter to prevent any miscommunication. How thick do you want your steak? An average amount you can expect from 350 lb side of beef �R��V�T�L����� BEEF CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS. The Bottom Round can be ground into hamburger or cut … don’t keep other organs (heart, tongue, etc. Made from the top part of the center section of rib—specifically the … Phone Number. 1/4 Beef Cutting Instructions Please complete and email to Name: _____ Phone: _____ Email: _____ Steaks & Roasts Please indicate how you would like the following cuts: Note: You will be getting all the following cuts in your ¼. Northeast Family Farms and John Stowell (with Ryan Larocque on chainsaw), bring you an informative and concise education about beef. Here's what you get with a half beef (your individual cuts may vary depending upon the size of your animal and your cut and wrap instructions): Roasts (3-4 lbs each) Shoulder roast- 3-4 Packages. The cuts are wrapped again in freezer paper, labeled and flash frozen. Steaks, briskets, roasts, beef ribs, every single part of a cow is delicious! Arm Roast (approx. (Call for Pricing) Beef Lamb Pork Game (Deer, Elk, Bear, Antelope) Game Processing Information These are then cut into individual roasts or steaks, depending on customer preference. Boneless Ribeye Steak (1 per pkg) Edgewood Locker. Cuts of Beef chart showing each cut of beef by primal cut and the best cooking method Why are there so many different names for cuts of beef? If you are planning on cutting your own beef, YOU WILL NEED A GOOD BONING KNIFE. ���Z�y�s��鼓O"�$�A4������T� Approx. The Butcher Shop will cut to your specifications. ... Our instructional cutting videos feature visual step by step instructions on making different cuts from the primals and subprimals. 3 pounds each), Brisket – boneless, cut in half so there’s 2 packages per half, 4 per whole, Short Ribs – 1 to 2 lb package, 4 pkgs max per half, 8 per whole calf, Liver – 1 lb package, 4 max per half We find that the beef cuts do not freezer burn as readily and the beef can be kept for up to 6 months to a year. Full Name. 4181 N. Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719. 5828 Promontory Road Chilliwack, BC V2R 4M4 (604) 858-4121; It includes a collection of beef cut charts to help you buy the right cut of beef for the right job, whether that's grilling, stewing, braising or roasting.Follow this beef cuts guide and you’ll be acting like a butcher in no time. Cutting instructions for your half or quarter of beef will be determined by you! Would you like your steaks cut with the bone in or boneless? If cutting instructions aren’t received the day after slaughter carcass will be cut … stream Click here for more information. Fill out a cut sheet for each side or quarter of beef. Most Common Information needed on Beef Cutting Instructions First keep in mind, not every option is listed below, these are the most common and most used cuts in our region. T-Bone – Approximately 14 steaks per 1/2 beef. ROUND – The Round is a large section of beef—32 pounds or more per side. 3 pounds each) Sirloin tip roast- 3 packages. Email. Here’s a printer friendly pdf version: Beef_Cut_Sheet.pdf, all paper wrapped (vacuum packed is an option at extra cost), all steaks cut in 1″ thickness Please contact our butcher, Quadra-K, for full cut and wrap instructions. Make The Primal Beef Cuts Make Sub-Primal Beef Cuts Make Retail Beef Cuts Freezer Wrap Beef Correctly Sharpen Your Knife Correctly Use A Steel Correctly. For questions about primal cuts options or for special cutting instructions, visit our Beef Primal Cuts section of our website. ��o���zR�����#���Zw�V��R"~ߤ(�p[�~aW�M�԰`W��Ib뭏�b;x���)J *9;�h�; �-)Ȟ ���!�����$7~��M��@��@�LO��!��.60������Y9F�����j�2��2d��H��~'�T0$�h0p�z��$А�q@�i�Ƨ�۞l[��w�VDN�I�����Y�#�zzޱ���BD$J � �,��N Ҩ�#��JE$Aȸ�@FM!���� (���!��X4z>���� �mC�����ti�A|���ɘ��L��q\� �d�3�A�ڭ�S�"�0�x�c��&[!6ԯ2�s�E �t:c?ڏp��L=���A��!��@�ˠ2;���xQ���Q�t��PU��[�`�����s֛��?��-I���ϼaH�r����Ӳ����)UH� cut from the sirloin. 2 0 obj Producer's Name (If Applicable) Lot Number (If Known) I am submitting cutting instructions for a: Steaks. Phone (520) 318-7021 Fax (520) 318-7019 85/15 Fat content. Reserve Your Summer 2021 Local Austin Area Pork Now, Comparing Plant-based Impossible and Beyond Beef Burgers With Grass Fed Beef. Beef cut posters are the most effective tools to learning more about the various cuts of beef, where they come from on the carcass and the recommended cooking method for each cut. In it, Jason Yang of Fleishers Craft Butchery sets to work on a side of beef, breaking down each of the four sections – round, loin, rib and chuck – into their constituent cuts.He covers almost all the cuts you can take from a cow. Let’s get going. Pikes Roast  (approx. 3 pounds each) If any other questions on something not seen, please, e-mail or call. Blessing Falls LLC focuses on naturally raising vegetables, grass fed cattle, pastured pork, poultry & eggs. ONLY $19.97 - And Shipped FREE in the U.S.! have the recently popular “tri-tip roast” (about 2 lbs.) Please choose the sheet that corresponds to the location and animal type you are having processed. Opt for USDA Choice or USDA Prime beef when possible. The French cut beef along muscle separations, while Americans cut beef across the grain. Beef Cutting Instructions. Can be cut in squares as the traditional way or as Maui ribs; Square cut is best when slow cooked and Maui ribs are best when marinated and cooked on the BBQ; Can be put to ground beef; Maui ribs are long, thin strips of meat with small bones attached. Chili Meat (1 lb package) – 6 pkgs max per half, 12 per whole calf, Chuck Roast (approx. Rump Roast (approx. all paper wrapped (vacuum packed is an option at extra cost) all steaks cut in 1″ thickness T-Bone Steak (1 per pkg) Boneless Ribeye Steak (1 per pkg) Sirloin Steak (1 per pkg) Seven steaks – to ground beef Here’s a guide on how to butcher a cow from the guys at Bon Apetit.There are so many different cuts that come out of a steer, therefore we won’t go into how to cut every single one of them. Expand submenu Custom Processing Collapse submenu Custom Processing. Originally a beef and dairy farm the Rainer family homestead was started in the 1930’s. Cutting Instructions - Chuck * : Cut as recommended by the Butcher Cut the Chuck evenly into bone-in Roasts and Steaks (Flat Iron steaks and Petite Tenders Steaks), one inch to one and a half inch thick All possible roasts - boneless Here’s a great video from Bon Appétit, which gives you a real insight into the skill and knowledge required to butcher a whole cow.. ), Ground Beef (1 lb package – thin plastic sleeve, or vacuum pack at extra cost), bags of bones, 4lbs each bag, 3 max per half/6 per whole (for bone broth in crock pot or for pet treats), Grass Fed Beef and Pasture-Raised Pork for Austin and Central Texas. City. <> University of Arizona Food Product and Safety Laboratory. %äüöß (x) Roast Or N/A N/A Roast Or N/A N/A Roast Or Roast Or Roast Or Roast Or Roast Or Select your Rib cuts: (We recommend rib steaks) (Circle one) Rib Steaks like more burger you can have all of this (bone in) Ribeyes (no bone) Rib Roast BEEF CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS . The Eight Primal Cuts of Beef. These are quite easy to remember, and with our help, you'll know just about everything about the cuts. Cutting Instructions - Beef A beef carcass is first divided into eight large sections, known as primals. revised 2-17-2020 grind *if you select patties or sausage the value-added service section must be completed beef organ meat *all organ meat passing usda inspection will be packed and saved for customer comments: value added service instructions (check and/or circle choices) special instructions: 5100 1-lb pkg___ 5101 2 lb pkg___ 5103 5-lb pkg___ patties___ sausage___ T-Bone Steak (1 per pkg) If nothing is selected for a certain cut, it will go with the trimmings for grinding. The large portion would serve 2, the small would serve 1. Now, on a cow, there are eight primal cuts.