Instead, apply TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer or TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer over TotalFair, before applying Gelcoat. } "text": "White residue is a normal byproduct of the chemical reaction. Just remember to spend a full five minutes stirring it well before applying, so you get more solids off the bottom of the can and onto your brush or roller. 10% OFF. ", GET DEAL. Compatible with both 1-part and 2-part polyurethane and enamel finishes.. Elasticity provides longer life and increased durability over leading marine one-part enamels. It can take anywhere between 1 hour to 4 hours before it’s fully cured. Its unique, phosphoric acid-based formula is thin for easy application and excellent coverage of over 500 sq ft per gallon. } "name": "What is the shelf life once it has been opened and resealed? } Watch TotalBoat get put to the test as boats … This 2-part, high-build epoxy primer features anti-corrosive properties ideal for protecting underwater metals like lead, bronze, cast iron, stainless & aluminum. "@type": "FAQPage", "@type": "Answer", Epoxy primers are known for their superior adhesion and filling properties. $32.99 $ 32. Verified and Tested . If you need to hide larger imperfections first, use TotalFair epoxy fairing compound, then overcoat with Topside Primer before applying your topcoat. Description of use of this Primer was vague for my aluminum project. },{ While it can be used to prime surfaces below the waterline, it is not designed for continuous submersion. Intended for use above the waterline, it can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed prior to painting with polyurethane or enamel topside paints. Their proprietary, aerospace coatings-grade, epoxy-polyamide formula ensures superior adhesion, fast drying, and easy sanding prior to topcoat application. Using it on … Primers and undercoats improve coating adhesion to a surface or substrate, coverage rates and the overall durability of the system. "@type": "Question", It is a very thin liquid, with a consistency close to water." TotalBoat 2-Part Marine Epoxy Primer [wpramaprice asin="B01ACH8XAE"] 2-Component epoxy primers provide maximum adhesion & improved durability for urethane topcoats on fiberglass, metal, and previously painted surfaces. Automotive (i.e., car, bikes, boats) to the outdoor metal railing, or indoor garage tools to steel doors. ", TotalBoat Tips Videos for Project Success Be sure to check out our blog for the latest videos and updates from the TotalBoat workshop. "name": "How do I apply this primer? High-solids formula requires only a single coat. Use on wood, fiberglass, gelcoat and over previously painted materials in good condition. Use above the waterline on gelcoat, fiberglass, wood & previously painted surfaces No one likes sitting around waiting for paint to dry, especially if they're only at the priming stage. TotalBoat is a brand built on years of experience and knowledge in selling and supporting marine supplies and products. FREE Delivery Across Qatar. }. Total Boat Aluminum Paint. "name": "Can TotalBoat Topside Primer be used over epoxy resins? to something good—iron phosphate—a very stable something that prevents further corrosion. } The coverage of the Rust Primer is over 500 sq ft per gallon. "@type": "Question", In cooler temperatures, xylene can be used as a thinner for spray or brush/roller application. } Blog. Its 3:1 mix ratio is easy to measure, mix & apply. Specifically, 2-part epoxy primers are designed to provide a durable base for epoxy and polyurethane paint systems. "name": "Do surfaces treated with Rust Primer have to be painted? "acceptedAnswer": { Limited discount period! When Clean Water’s Not Clear. No rubbing, no scrubbing, no hassle. } We focus on having the right products, people and technology to ensure our customers get the most out of their relationship with their boats. And it’s very, very thin so you get excellent coverage—especially into places you can’t reach but rust can. for pricing and availability. to something good—iron phosphate—a very stable something that prevents further corrosion. },{ Apply TotalTread by brush or roller. } Select colors are now available in pints, perfect for boot stripes. It is low in VOCs and has no harsh fumes, making it ideal for marinas under environmental restrictions. "@type": "Question", Premium one-part marine topside paint primer for use with both one and two-part polyurethane and enamel finishes above the waterline.